Monday 28 May 2007

Army News Issue 140

Hi All,

some publicity news with a write-up in Army News Issue 140 about a presentation I conducted at St Andrews Secondary back in February.

Here's presenting the finished version of the manga figure after a few bouts of changes and refinements especially to the eyes and face.

..and some thumbnail pictures of a magazine article on the sculpting and painting of the LSSAH, Taganrog figure. Please don't ask me when will it be completed because writing articles to me is liken to that of an AAR (After-Action Review) and I HATE AARs!


Monday 21 May 2007

Desktop Wallpaper

Hi all,

took a short break from the workbench to create some desktop wallpapers.



Tuesday 15 May 2007

Siam Miniatures - New Kid on the Blog

I've just added Pongsatorn's blog to my list of links.

and today's lunch: Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles recommended on Dr Leslie Tay's blog

Possibly the best prawn noodles I've ever had! The prawn stock was incredible! I'm definitely heading back there again.


Monday 7 May 2007

Updates for May.

The past beginning two weeks of May were occupied with part-time lecturing, ironing out some additional changes to the Manga figure and three 1/16 scale clay sketches for an upcoming commission with the Singapore Army Museum. Featured below are 2 out of the 3 initial proposals rendered in Super Sculpey Firm over a tight deadline of one week. As these are sketches, their sole function was for visualization. Minimal attention were paid to the details so that changes to the figure's pose could be 'painlessly' executed without any heart breaks.

And here are some excerpts from last Monday's dinner at the Seafood "Paradise" Restaurant located at Defu Lane 10. ( Taesung, I hope that you're reading this ;P)

Broccoli with scallops topped with bits of salted egg yolk.

.......and the Crab Vermicelli with Superior Stock is one to die for!!!