Monday 30 July 2018

1/35 Scale Waffen SS Infantry Soldier by Jaume Ortiz

A 360 turn around of Jaume's 1/35 scale figure from Alpine Miniatures.


Wednesday 11 July 2018

Model Shows - Malaysian Miniature Hobby Show, Penang 2018

Hi All,

finally here is a photo journal of my recent trip to Penang for the annual Malaysia Miniature Hobby Show over the weekend of 30 June and 1 July 2018. It was a spectacular weekend with lots of makan, fellowship, shopping and a feast for the eyes to indulge in the outstanding scale models produced by talent hailing from both this region and abroad. 

Departing from Singapore with Jaume.

Pick up from Penang International Airport by Ming and Jackie.

Happy hour with Adam and the Singapore Team.

 At the dinner reception with Young and Pongsatorn.

Supper with Allan, Ju Won Adam Pongsatorn and Hyun Jin

Jaume's first encounter with the infamous durian together with the crew from Nutsplanet.

Outside the event venue Cititel Hotel in the heart of Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. 

Setting up the demo team and judges display with Allan on Friday night.

The collective display of works from the figure painting demo artists and the judges of the figure category.

Vikings by Allan Yong.

Kirill Kanaev's recent boxart for Young Miniatures being exhibited as part of Allan Yong's private collection. A visual treat for those attending the show that weekend.

Judges of the figure category Ju Won, Young Bok and Michael Lee.

101st Airborne at Bastonge 1944 by Michael Lee

Oikeus ' The Righteous ' by Jung Ju Won of Galapagos Miniatures.

Los tres amigos! 

Friday night dinner with the Singapore team, Young Miniatures, Galapagos Miniatures and DEF Model....
.....followed by Durian tasting at Kimberly Road.

Inside the main ballroom with the club displays and trade stands.

Miniature Alliance from Singapore making their third appearance at the show.

Michael Sng of Machination Studio Pte. Ltd. from Singapore showcasing his creations for the first time at the show. 

 The competition ballroom.

The fun folks from Singapore hanging out.

Painting and diorama modelling techniques demonstration by maestro Ruben Gonzalez of AK Interactive.

  Park Jun Wo and Kim Rea Hyun from Korea manning their club stand at the show.

Gold award for Jun Wo's superbly rendered fantasy piece titled Ma Ma buho.

Kim Rea Hyun with his silver award winning vignette. 

A wonderful display of painted busts gained Hwang Meyong Ha a silver medal at the contest table. I must comment that this piece possesses one of the most outstanding palette of flesh tones I have seen.

Kim Yong Min's 1/10 scale Waffen SS Dispatch Rider from Young Miniatures was awarded a bronze in the figure category.

With Joe Lo of Hong Kong
I am totally loving Joe's Impressionistic style of painting . He is definitely pushing boundaries with the fine collection of work he has displayed at the show.

 Johnny Chak of Hong Kong serving as one of the judges for the armour category.
Johnny's OOTB Tiger I tank crew from Tamiya. Gotta love the subtle touch he lends to his work. 

Sunday lunch with the Singapore Team, Allan Yong, Young Bok and Ju Won.

Thor Intararangson of Thailand and Hyun Jin of DEF Model.

1/35 scale GI from Alpine Miniatures painted by Thor Intararangson. Magnificent painting!

I guess it is safe to say that Pongsatorn Kanthaboon is the undisputed master of painting the Tiger stripe camouflage (alongside Young Won of course). 

Also from Pongsatorn is this atmospheric 1/35 scale DAK figure piece which fetched him a bronze medal at the contest tables. It was a risky gambit that paid off. 

Another outstanding Thai modeler making her debut at the show was Panichakul Nakham with this 1/35 scale diorama titled Skycar Garage.  Not only a young and beautiful lady, she also has some serious modelling skills to boot. 

With Naoyuki Uehara and Kuniyuki Takeuchi of the Crossroads club from Japan.

Also hailing from Japan is Naoto Takada with his breathtaking Magach 6 with full interior which won him a Gold medal in the armor advanced class. I spent quite some time admiring the subtleties on this magnificent piece.

Jaume Ortiz's demonstrating his immaculate face painting technique towards the end of the show. The organizers did save the best for the last!

A small selection of Jaume's work on display at the show. The first time that his work is exhibited live at a model show in South East Asia.

Chris Leeman from down under serving as one of the judges for the armour category.
Chris Leeman's Russian Obj.199 Ramka BMPT - a stellar example of simple things done well.

Great turn out for Team Vietnam.
A bronze medal for Vietnam's Ryan Thuan's 1/10 scale Young Miniature's MG Gunner.

 Gold award for Arnau Lazaro Azcarate of Spain.

 Silver award for Anar Aytaliev in the figure category.

Dioramas on display by Giang Xuan Le of Paracel Miniatures 

Silver medal for Richard Foenander of Malaysia with his USMC diorama of the battle of Peleliu.

Plunder of Santiago de Cuba by Surijanto Anton Santoso of Indonesia was conferred a bronze award. 

Yoon Ki Yeol receiving his Gold award from Jaume for his outstanding paint work on this piece titled Pathfinder. Check out the painting on the checkered shirt..the mind boggles....

A gold medal for Darren Han from China with his subliminal painting of General Robert E. Lee for the box art of Alpine Miniatures.

Together with IMO currently two of the best armor modelers in Korea, Park Jung Woo and Kim  Byeong Soo.
This magnificent Strumtiger earned Park Jung Woo a gold medal in the armor advanced category.

JS-2 also by Park Jung Woo

King Tiger by Kim Byeong Soo was awarded a silver in the armor advanced category.

Silver medal in the armor advanced category for Jemmy Ong from Singapore.

1/48 scale KV-1 earned Lee Chen Hui of Malaysia a Silver medal in the armour advanced category.

1/72 scale M1A2 by Iao Kit of Macau was awarded a silver medal in the Diorama category.

Gold winning entry from Dennis Wong of Singapore.

Matthiew Liew from Singapore receiving his Silver award for his 1/700 scale IJN destroyer Matsu.

Lee Won Hui's super amazing submerged U-Boat diorama.

Lee Won Hui sharing his technique on creating the epoxy resin sea for his submerged U-Boat diorama with the Singapore Team. He shares that the water was made from clear epoxy resin (available locally in Korea) with a single pour during the dry freezing cold of winter (among many other things)to prevent the plastic model from deforming from the exothermic reaction of the resin compound and hardener.

The Singaporean team with the Predator!
Together with Doi-San and the folks from Kuala Lumpur ,CK Loo and family, Allan Chew and Nicholas Ong.

KW Soon is probably the friendliest face you will find at the show. Looks rather haggard for a good reason as his wife was about to deliver any moment back home. 

Finally the Best of Show winner went to Peter Lim of Singapore with his 1/144 scale diorama titled  "Entrapment". Well done Peter!

Together with the man making this event possible happen, Choo Ming Huang of World Hobby Miniatures.

Sunday night dinner hosted by Allan Yong at the Kang Beef House. It has been three years running that I have dined there after the show ends.

A parting photo with long time friend Adam Wilder before I made my return to Singapore on Monday morning. It was a great time to finally catch up after these years mate.

And finally, to all the awesome people from all over the world making this event an awesome celebration of scale modelling.