Tuesday 31 October 2023

Unterscharführer, SS Panzer Regiment 1, Operation Barbarossa, 1941

Over the past weekend, I completed a quick paint job of an old metal figure from Takahashi Modelling. Overall it is a very nice sculpt and still holds up well by today's standards. My only gripe was that the hands are a tad chunky and I went about replacing them with ones from Royal Model. In the interest of time and convenience, I also used the decals from Passion Model for the insignias. Painting is done with AK Gen 3 acrylic paint. For the first time I tried out AK Interactive's new enamel liquid pigment for the groundwork and I am very delighted by the natural results. Finally, a special mention to Sven Finch for initiating this project and Chang Chung Fu for donating the figure.