Sunday 28 February 2021

Marine Torpedo Bombing Squadron 232, Solomon Islands, 1943

This is a conversion using the Tamiya tank crew set (ETO) that I have been intermittently working on for the month of February. Some might recognise that the pose is based off a famous photo of Lieutenant Colonel Harold "Indian Joe" Bauer.

The head is an offering from Hornet Models and the arms are donated from Tamiya's Wehrmacht tank crew set. The creases and minor details of the figure are modelled with thinly rolled out epoxy putty - as with the gloves, flying cap and goggles. The groundwork is built up from a base of epoxy putty overlaid with some acrylic texture paste and a sprinkle of fine dust and gravel. The stem of the coconut tree is made from plastic rods and the bark texture is sculpted from Milliput. The bulletin board is made from sheet styrene and the squadron scoreboard was designed in Photoshop and printed out on my Canon Selphy printer. 

The photo that sparked the inspiration and reference for this figure.