Sunday 7 February 2010

SS- Obersturmführer, Das Reich, Russia 1941


Today has provided me with another fruitful progress to the 1/32 sculpt. Sorry to disappoint but there are no plans for this to be a commercial sculpt as this is long overdue single figure commission for a collector I promised a long while back.
Another WW2 German nonetheless; I wanted to depict haugthiness of an SS officer embolden by the successes of Blitzkrieg and the opening stages of Operation Barbarossa.
The clay is still soft at this moment and I reckon I will commence the first round of baking(with the heat gun) when most of the primary folds and surface details are established.
I'm still having some issues with the posing of the hand holding the artillery Luger and judging from the pics I feel that it needs to be slightly angled medially. Apart from that, everything seems to A-ok for now.