Wednesday 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Well it seems most uncannily appropriate to celebrate the festivities of a rough year with this greeting of a portrait of an US 101st Airborne Para at the Siege of Bastogne. Though it looked good enough for this e-greeting, there are still some parts around that I'm not too pleased.
I will also try to answer some queries with regards to the rendering of the wool overcoat. But until then, here's wishing everyone good health, happy modelling and a God Blessed Christmas Season.


Saturday 20 December 2008

SS-Brigadeführer, LSSAH, ca.1943

Well, after some disciplined sessions of painting, I managed to add the crowning touches to this figure just before the holiday season. And now moving on to Ishii-Sensei's bust.....yeah!


Tuesday 16 December 2008

SS-Brigadeführer, 1/24 scale - WIP

Holidays are finally here again which also means it's time to returned to this long overdue commission for a collector friend of mine. I'm glad that the tedious process of sculpting and detailing are finally over. It's almost a week old into the painting and there are still a couple of areas like the hands, breeches and several parts of the tunic that need some more attention.

Though taking it easy, I do hope to get him finished by this week and get back to painting the 101st Airborne bust from Young Miniatures.

Thursday 27 November 2008

M CON - A Resounding Success!!!!!

After many months of anticipation and planning, the premier scale modelling event in Singapore has finally came to a successful conclusion over the last weekend. Expectations of crowd turn-out and entries far superseded everyone's expectation(mine included) as from what I understood a major Gundam modelling contest held in the vicinity as well.
Nonetheless, great displays provided by both the contestants and jury; coupled with the central location downtown still made it irresistible for some to sneak a long lunch break during the week days to soak up the wonderful atmosphere here.

Apart from being entrusted with the key role of judging the contest entries in a panel of top notch local modellers; I was also scheduled to conduct a painting demo workshop and sculpting presentation last Friday night and co-chaired a talk/presentation on armor modelling with Dinesh on the following day.

Though I've taken privy to post some pictures taken from my camera, do also check out the additional reports and pictures for both event and contest entries as well as the modelling scene in Singapore over at SprueCutters and Plamo Forum.

The view of the exhibition hall from the front entrance.

Dinesh, John and Leslie judging the aircraft category.

Siew Keong and I judging the ships category.

The turn-out on Sunday afternoon for the awards ceremony.

The folks from the M Workshop who formed part of the organizing and staff committee of M Con 2008.

As an afterthought, I must express that it was a great privilege to have been a part of this premier scale modelling event. Though it was the first ever event managed by the organizing and staff committee, everyone clearly knew their roles and when necessary, eagerly chipped in to get matters resolved.Well done folks!

Despite the humble number of entries, the judges still took pains to go through each submitted entry as to ensure the rewards were fairly meted out .

The visitor turn-out was also surprising good. I noticed a lot of interaction and sharing of concepts techniques and ideas amongst the modellers themselves. I wished I could have more time to mingle more but alas like most shows, time was limited. Nonetheless, there's always the opportunity to meet up at the M Workshop to pick up where the conversation last stopped.

Finally, here's a snapshot of the 1/9 scale bust sculpted by Hiroyuki Ishii-Sensei sponsored by Young Miniatures which was the subject of my "live" demo workshop last Friday night. He looks happier here than on the box art; perhaps getting pulled back from the foxhole to get some hot chow. More on that soon and especially on rendering of the wool texture.



Tuesday 11 November 2008

Kampfgruppe Peiper, LSSAH, Ardennes 1944

Just thought I'll share some promotional materials I created from the photos of the completed the vignette. I wish I could have earlier thought of posing them either beside or on top of a SS-Pz, Abt 501 King Tiger in ambush scheme. Imagine what an awesome scene that would be.(don't ring my hand-phone please Dinesh)

Irregardless, I'm really pleased of how the painting on the second Peiper head with the side-cap came out; which in my opinion bears a better resemblance. I might probably consider just to paint another to accommodate it....

In the meantime, do enjoy the pictures and I have a good feeling that most modellers will be using this pair to go with their Battle of the Bulge SdKfz 251/250's and King Tigers/Panthers projects.



Sunday 9 November 2008

Alpine Miniatures - KG Peiper Ardennes 1944

Here's the first cut of the KG Peiper figures for the official box-art. I'm still planning to add some debris and litter to the groundwork but reckon I will leave them out for now so as to give an unobstructed view of the figure for the box art

One more spare head to complete before I conclude this project for this week.

While we're still on the topic of winter, here are some WIP shots of Dinesh's MILF (Marders I Love to Fix). You gotta love these topless models as it really flashes a lot of gorgeous details. The faded white wash over the sand yellow base is deftly applied like a white transulent satin nightie. I'm loving what's been done so far and I'am seriously looking forward to seeing him close the deal and bring this baby home yeah!!!



Thursday 6 November 2008

Alpine Miniatures - KG Peiper, Ardennes 1944

And finally here are a couple of WIP shots of the Peiper figure after a hectic week of balancing work and family. Much work is still required on the back of the figure before I can snap the official pictures for the box art.

Also do check out the follow-up photo report on the recently concluded Korean model show NOVEM 2008 over at Young Miniatures. Though published in Korean, one could easily get an impression of the displays and ambiance on that day from the pictures.


Tuesday 28 October 2008

Alpine Miniatures - KG Peiper, Ardennes 1944

More progress and refinements made to the figure this evening.

Gonna hit the sack now zzzzz.....


Monday 27 October 2008

Alpine Miniatures - KG Peiper, Ardennes 1944

Just a quick update on the painting of the first figure before I head off to the in-laws for dinner.



Wednesday 22 October 2008

NOVEM 2008 - Gyeong Ju, Korea

As mentioned earlier in my previous post some two weeks back, I was in Korea on invitation of Young Miniatures proprietor Young Bok Song. And now finally after a past week of hectic schedules, I've finally found some time today to upload some pictures from that exciting event.

Korean-Chinese noodle soup cooked in a rich yet light shellfish broth; incredible...

Show venue of NOVEM 2008 at a convention hall of a resort.

Serang Kim admiring some of the works displayed.

Group photo of all the attendees of NOVEM 2008

Post-NOVEM 2008 BBQ garden party hosted at Young Bok's home.

Red leaf lettuce and sesame leafs are served as wraps for marinated BBQ pork.

Alfresco lunch together with Young and his baby boy at an old traditional eatery in Gyeong-Ju.

Taesung with the Soju and me with a huge plater of sashimi.

Young sends a Gujeolpan wrap to Taesung's mouth while Mr Park looks on.

Together with Dr. Kim Jin who graciously hosted us for lunch and dinner.

Prolific diorama builder Eun Gab Kim shares his diorama creations with us.

After dinner tea session with members of popular Korean modelling forum MM Zone and in particular its founder, the gentleman seated to my right, Mr Sung Jong Kim.

Sampling Korean street food in at Nam Dae Moon open market.

I must say that this being my first trip ever to Korea, it has been an unforgetable experience. Apart from the gastronomical aspect, it was a great opportunity to not only meet more Asian modellers but also to renew ties with old friends and acquaintances. And surprising as it may seem, this trip too served as my first meeting with Taesung Harmms, the proprietor and creative force behind Alpine Miniatures. Having worked for almost four years via countless emails, there was nothing short off inspiring and motivational like spending a couple of nights together discussing and brainstorming ideas over nightcap.
Reiterating once again, this has been a very enjoyable and fruitful trip; made possible by the many Korean modellers particularly those of the Model Museum Club who had generously extended their hospitality. There are many whom Taesung and I would like to thank and I sincerely apologize if your names are not recalled.

And finally a preview of Alpine's latest pair that was on show at NOVEM 2008.

Due for X'mas as I'm told....


Tuesday 7 October 2008


Before I head off to the airport this evening to attend NOVEM 2008, a scale figure show organized by Young Miniatures in Korea, here are some pictures of a recent collaboration I did with K G Lim (aka Chef Lim to those who know him at the M Workshop).
The Panzer III was the credit of Chef Lim 's deft handiwork. I'm unable to describe further about the build as my involvement was solely a spur of the moment impetus to paint the tank commander from Doug Originals.
So moving on to the figure instead, I must comment that the fittings are very well engineered, needing very minimal clean-up with nubs assisting the alignment of critical parts such as the waist and the upper torso. The figure came together just within minutes after it was opened. Anatomy is spot on and details are crisp; but what I enjoyed from this short painting exercise was painting the drapery. It's very well defined, not too excessive or subtle yet not overly stylized; making it very friendly for beginners to approach. I'm definitely looking forward for my next spur to paint another from Doug's Originals.


Hopefully the next time I will be writing from Korea featuring some exciting coverage on NOVEM 2008 and the modelling scene there.


Tuesday 30 September 2008

Young Miniatures - SS-Schütze, LSSAH, Ardennes 1944

You can say that I'm really "Busted" for this month of September as I side-track once again from the SS-Brigadeführer sculpt to finish painting another bust from Young Miniatures.
I suppose the main source of joy in painting a bust is that it truly allows one to focus their attention on what I deem as perhaps the "most interesting" aspect of the human figure, i.e. the head and shoulders. It seems that anything beyond this region is mostly regarded as a chore; which also fundamentally explains why there are so many half painted full figures residing in our cabinets as well.

Selamat Hari Raya,