Saturday 11 March 2023

Faux Wood Figure Base

I just thought I'd share something a little different this weekend as I try to create a faux wood finish on a figure base made of balsa wood laminated with sheet styrene.

Several layers of Red Brown thinned down with AK airbrush thinner are applied until the desired effect is achieved. To enrich the saturation and give the final result a transparent reddish hue, some Clear Orange and Clear Red are added to the Red Brown. Numerous DIY videos on YouTube can easily be used to reference the application method..

A generous spray of satin varnish is applied and allowed to set for 24 hours.

The surface is smoothened with a grit 800 sanding sponge.

The bottom piece ogee is spray painted with black. 

The finished result.




Brian N Stanley said...

That’s pretty awesome­čĹŹ! By the way…I listened to the podcast over the weekend. Nice job­čśŐ

Calvin Tan said...

Thanks Brian!