Wednesday 26 August 2009

IT IS A GIRL !!!!!!!


For quite sometime my wife Gwen and I were praying for a child and by the grace of God this prayer was finally answered late last year. Now, after many months of anticipation Gwen and I are most pleased to announce the arrival of our newest family member, Abigail, on Monday evening, 24 August, 2009.

After two days of being a father, I can only say that she gets very loud and cranky to signal her meal time from mummy. But when seeing her after so snugly laid to sleep in my arms makes that all so insignificant; a feeling that has often been described to me by others but not personally experienced til this moment.

As you can probably imagine, spare time for modelling will be curtailed by baby bathing time, diaper changing detail as with all the other last minute surprises that every parent will experience. Nonetheless, I will try my best to share some material that I promised to post and will do so when my routine life stabilizes. On behalf of us two excited first-time parents, Gwen and I would love thank you all for your well wishes and blessings to our new found joy Abigail.


Sunday 2 August 2009

More German Tankers from Alpine Miniatures.


I'm so glad that the hectic month of July was over. With no respite from painting the bust of the Fallujah US Marine from Young Miniatures, I've made the final push over the weekend to complete another urgent box art assignment for two Alpine Miniatures 1/35 scale tank crew figures sculpted by Taesung Harmms.
Posed cradling a young pup, this half of a two figure set is proposed to sit snugly on the barrel of the Panther tank. I've taken the liberty instead to place it on a Stug III built by resident M Workshop artist, KG "Chef" Lim and photographed it against a scenic setting. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Here's a piece of good news for Allied Modellers, Hiroyuki Ishii-Sensei has sent me some pictures of his latest sculpts of not two but four 1/35 scale British SAS LRDG figures. The color of the material does suggest that Ishii-Sensei carves with polyester putty, an approach which is prevalent amongst most Japanese sculptors.
Now, the good news I'm told is that this four figure team will be commercially available under the Japanese brand name Swash Design, known widely for their highly detailed motorcycle kits. It is not known from this time of writing if the figures will be available loosely or as a set. But nonetheless it will be one on the shopping list when it comes out!

That is all the update for now while I prepare to "air" the MARPAT for the next blog post.