Friday 31 August 2007

Just a quick one....

Finally managed to sneak some time to take some photos of the first figure whilst waiting for the groundwork of the third to set.


Tuesday 28 August 2007

One down....

Finally slapped on the finishing touches to the first figure. Two more left and time is running out!!!!!


Sunday 12 August 2007

SAR 21 Assault Rifle

Here's a preview of the master of the 1/6 SAR 21 Assault Rifle that I 've been working on the past few days before I send it off for casting first thing on Monday morning.



Friday 10 August 2007

Deadline's getting close!!!!!!

Hi All,
I'm making a fast update whilst waiting for the Sculpley to "cook" under the spot light. The past month of July has been swamped with completing the 1/6 scale commissions. Sorry folks, though I'm not privy at this moment to post the WIP shots here's a little teaser pic of one of the figures:

The design of the boots might be a good giveaway of what figure it would be if you're a Singaporean man who had done your NS ( National Service) or reservist in the 90's.

And now I think the Sculpley is starting to to get toasted.......AHHHHHH!!!!