Friday 28 March 2008

“Das letzte Aufgebot!” by Robert Doepp

For many of us, the name Robert Doepp is one that comes as no stranger if you're a frequent visitor to Missing-Lynx or a regular subscriber to TMMi and Steel Art magazines. Robert has dazzled the military modelling world with this dioramas, tanks and figures rendered in his signature style and thus it's with great privilege that I'm able to share some pictures of his latest masterpiece here on my blog.
Demonstrating a very simple methodology of just getting inspired by the figure, Robert has decided to personalize this figure with several additions and changes to the original stock figure;enhancing its visual appeal in the process. The influence from his armor modelling background permeates through in his attention to meticulous details such as the intricate wires and connections on headphones, the scratch-built section top of the Jadgpanther base and the woven insignias on the uniform and the overall rendering of the figure with subdued hues. The rain pattern camouflage is very well represented and I think that a round of applause is due for I too had nightmares painting the "rain drops" on this pattern. I have a strong suspicion that there will be an article sometime in the future elaborating the colour and techniques used for this figure.
But till then, here's a two thumbs up from me mate! And keep 'em comin!


Friday 21 March 2008

Alpine Miniatures - LSSAH, Kampfgruppe Meyer, Kharkov 1943 (Boxart painter's exclusive)

Hot off the press! Here's a sneak preview of Alpine Miniature's forthcoming release.

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Easter weekend. 


Alpine Miniatures - LSSAH, Kampfgruppe Meyer, Kharkov 1943

And now the final touches for the Kurt Meyer figure.

Base colour of the fleece coat was lightened with Deck Tan applied from the airbrush. Overshoots could subsequently be corrected by brush later during the application of secondary highlights and shadows.

Shading done with heavily diluted Camo Brown applied with an airbursh. This process also helps to clear up the "chalky" effects from the application of the Deck Tan.

Application of highlights

Outlining and additional details

Rendering of the white fleece lining

Rendering of the other details

Crusher cap


Tuesday 18 March 2008

Alpine Miniatures - LSSAH, Kampfgruppe Meyer, Kharkov 1943

More updates from yesterday's session:

Rendering of the trousers

Map case

MP-40 with sling made from paper stiffen with varnish.

Metals parts are undercoated with flat black and burnished with a 2B lead for a metallic look.

Groundwork built up from scrap components of my personal spares and rendered with Vallejo paints.

Application of "Microballons" for the snow effect.


Sunday 16 March 2008

Alpine Miniatures - LSSAH, Kampfgruppe Meyer, Kharkov 1943

Today's progress...

Changed the colour of the anorak to better compliment the colours on the Kurt Meyer figure.

Preliminary shadows


A view of the back


Painting of the fur lining

On to the bino and MP-40 ammo pouch


Details of the back

Impression of scale

Airbrushed the preliminary highlights and shadows of the white colored overalls

Going to sleep now, got a retreat to attend to at church later in the morning..... zzzzzzzzzz

Friday 14 March 2008

Alpine Miniatures - LSSAH, Kampfgruppe Meyer, Kharkov 1943

Here's finally a much anticipated preview of the contents from the parcel from Jersey. I must "POINT" out that these two figures are nothing short of disap"POINTING" and I do encourage all the make an ap"POINT"ment to get them as soon as they hit the shops.

Punts aside, I must say that the casting was predictably good with very minimal flash. The likeness of Kurt Meyer, which though gave Taesung some headaches, was spot on. One could imagine more Kurt Meyer figures in the Italian Camo tunic circa Ardenne Abbey, Normandy 1944 , M36 tunic circa Klissura Pass, Greece 1941 or the more stylist Kradmantel at Mariupol 1941 get my "POINT"? :P

The components came together very nicely with virtually no gaps to fill. The groundwork was built up using some epoxy putty and littered with artifacts found from my box of modelling scraps. Before setting, the figures were impressed into the base for a natural fit.

The figure and the groundwork was primed with Gunze Sanyo Flat Black using an airbrush.

As a time saving measure, I used an airbrush to undercoat the base colours of the uniforms in Vallejo acrylics.

Rendering of the faces.

Soldier in the Kharkov anorak

Preliminary highlighting

Changed the colour of the trousers.

Kurt Meyer

More updates soon....


Tuesday 11 March 2008

Parcel from Jersey


Just received the parcel from Jersey USA yesterday afternoon and have begun to work on its contents this morning. More of that soon...

In the meantime, here's a short update of the 389.Infantrie Div., Leutnant figure. The MP-40 is a resin offering from Alpine Miniatures. It was wrapped with masking tape to prevent it from warping whilst baking the clay with a heat-gun. Still troubleshooting this figure as I write and will probably work on this sculpt in tandem with the assignment from Jersey.