Tuesday 26 February 2008

Ramblings for February


It has been a busy month of February with time spent with the family to be modelling much. Thus to keep the momentum of this blog going, I thought that I'll shift the spotlight this week to a newly acquainted friend and talented modeller from Japan, Yukio Honma, who has graciously allowed me to share his latest masterpiece here. I did remember seeing the unpainted master of this piece last year in Japan and I must say that it looks even better with a splash of colour. Apart from the meticulously fine details, what I particularly love is on how the subtleties of the relaxed pose are captured. There were rumors that it might be commercially released and I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed to paint one version of it myself :)

Till next week when the parcel from Jersey, USA checks in....



Dani Serrano said...

We'll have to keep an eye on Yukio's work because it looks really professional. I hope it would be comercial too.

Un abrazo, amigo Calvin!!

LBM said...

very good but what is boring me is that this is exactly the same I have sculpted 4 years ago for DES kit
best laurent

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing Yukio's figure. Very impressive!!

The most exciting thing for me is to hear that you are expecting a package from a certain talented individual in the US. i'll be watching for updates with great interest!!

michael kelly

Anonymous said...

Hi Calvin,

Thanks for your helpful tips this afternoon at the M workshop. Hope to see more of your work on this blog real soon.

Sean Chang

CALVIN TAN said...

I'm hoping to see one painted by you too!
no comments on that but hopefully it's a case of coincidence.
I'm sure you'll be seeing the contents from the parcel pretty soon...
glad to have met your acquaintance. It was nice talking to you. Hope to catch you more often at the shop.