Saturday, 7 February 2009

5th Royal Tank Regiment, North Africa, 1942


After completing the paint work of the two figures in time for their timely release this month, I decided to embellish the seemingly plain groundwork with an Allied road sign and some litter left behind by the retreating Germans. The figures are now avaliable through Alpine Miniatures together with their 5th Anniversary figure, WSS Gebirgsjäger "Prinz Eugen", sculpted by Thai sculptor Pongsatorn Kanthaboon and painted by Spanish master painter Jaume Ortiz.
Also in celebration with Alpine Miniature's 5th anniversary, a Figure Painting & Photographing Contest has been announced on the company's site and several modeling forums. Click HERE for more contest information and here's also hoping to see some jaw dropping work from you guys out there!



Anonymous said...

Very Nice Good sir Looking forward to seeing more

Orb said...

Calvin, great work on these two, and the offset sign behind the barrel is inspired!

As ever, you and Taesung are THE perfect combination of sculpting and painting


CALVIN TAN said...

Joel, thank you for your comment.

Rob, I'm glad you like the extra extension to the groundwork . I was not too convinced that a sawed off section of an oil drum will fit with the composition. Hence, I decided to extend the ground beyond the limit of the square base to accommodate the drum and also a road sign as a backdrop.


Radek Pituch said...

Hi Calvin
Congrats to you and Taesung. The figures look very cool and an allied subject it's a nice refreshment. The paintjob is excellent as always.
By the way thanks for adding a link to my blog. You only mistyped my surname :)