Friday, 3 April 2009

Young Miniatures - US Marine, Iwo Jima 1945

Well, here it is after a week of refinements to Young Miniature's study of an US Marine Leatherneck from the epic battle of Iwo Jima; immortalised by the iconic flag raising at Mount Suribachi. Truly it was an enjoyable experience painting this fine sculpt. Rendered almost fully in acrylics, enamel-based metallic and oils were employed on features depicting metal and leather surfaces respectively. It is a deftly crafted and engineered kit that's bursting with character. Obvious challenges to the painting would be that of the "Duck Hunter" camouflage pattern and the vertical stroked lines of the herringbone uniform. All of which would not only require the proper technique but also a high level of concentration, focus and the all important discipline to complete.
That is why there are no real secrets to painting; only passionate hard/heart work.As with each veil of paint, every feature and detail comes alive, revealing a soul beyond its material core to resonate with our humanity....
Ok..before I digress into a load BS, do enjoy the pictures of completed work. Avaliable are more pictures HERE.




Andreas said...

very good calvin!

I would maybe have painted him a bit more brown to simulate the sun but amazing anyway.Not every man has the same tending to get a brown skintone.



ELMEN/ Daniel Martinez Muñoz said...

Hi friend doing a great job on, my congratulations.
I see you on torrent....

Oliver Kovacs said...


HewieAlbino said...

Hi Mr Calvin,

it's Ni Zhen from NYP. Love your work a lot. Glad to have had you as my teacher.

Anonymous said...

Oi. Parabéns pelo excelente blog. Gostaria de lhe convidar para visitar meu blog e conhecer alguma coisa sobre o Brasil. Abração

Orb said...


again, inspirational and informative stuff. For the Marine, what colours did you use for the Herringbone uniform?



CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Rob,
if I recall correctly, I used Vallejo Reflective Green as a local color.The lighter tones of Herringbone stripes are with some amounts of Sunny Skin Tone mixed into the local color. You have to decide how much of each you are going to use according to your judgement. Furthermore what you cannot see from the photos are the subtle nuances of Prussian Blue, green-violets and browns which were not mixed to the local color but rather glazed on successively; creating more variation and hence greater dimention to the color.

Remember, painting is an art not a science ;)



Orb said...

Thanks Calvin

I had an idea it might be reflective green from another time you painted a HBT uniform for Taesung.
The other snippets of colour information are most appreciated.

I'm doing a Dragon US Marine from their Gen2 set for a OOB build on Timelines - ugly figure, proportion wise, otherwise some very nice bits on it



Unknown said...

Hi, beautiful and great jobs!! ... Reading your articles I have met several times with the word "Glazed", I could explain a little what you mean by that?.