Thursday, 18 June 2009

Alpine Miniatures - Grenadier, 558. Volksgrenadier-Division, East Prussia 1945


Once again I'm very privileged to host a sneak peak of Alpine Miniature's upcoming release of another 1/16 scale German figure. Before one recoils into exasperated sighs of another "boring and imaginative" subject, it has to be said though many were made, few what so ever surpasses the quality put forth by such.

Sculpted by proprietor and principal sculptor Taesung Harmms, this figure bears the quintessential quality trademarks of Alpine Miniatures. From the demeanor and characterization, the styling of the Zeltbahn (shelter quarter) over the winter greatcoat and canvas webbing, to outfitting of the ubiquitous Gewehr-43 rifle, this figure resonates everything about the archetypal German soldier from the late-war period of 1944-45. As usual,two head options with different styles of helmet head gear will be provided.

Though provided is the single option of a Wehrmacht soldier, depiction to a Waffen-SS soldier can easily be done by changing the belt buckle. Some 1/16 scale Tamiya figure kits provide two options of belt buckles, allowing a spare for such an undertaking.

In this coming weekend, I'll try to provide an update to the progress on the painting of the kit from the past week.




Dani Serrano said...

Great figure, can't wait to see it painted, mate!

Rudi Richardson said...

Oooooh, very nice Taesung! I have no idea why, but the pose makes me think "Shhhhh, be vewy, vewy qwiet. We'wre hunting wabbits." :D (Just kidding TS ;) ) But then I see all the detail and that goes right out my head :D

I'm looking forward to following your progress on this one, Calvin.

Andreas said...

WOW Ive seen it as sculpt on TL

great figure!!!

I hope youll paint it as well xDDD


Jim Johnston said...

Really nice subject and pose. I look forward to seeing what you do with this figure as your work is truly outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Great figure, can't wait till it is in the shops. Greetings form Holland.

John van Pelt