Sunday, 19 July 2009

US Marine, Fallujah, Iraq 2004

Once again I'm very privileged to provide a sneak preview of Young Miniature's upcoming 1/9 scale bust. Not an easy assignment I must admit but nonetheless very rewarding due to the quality of the sculpt by Young Bok.
I did felt that the colors for the desert MARPAT pixel camouflage were quite elusive due to the varied lighting conditions from my photographic references. They seem to be either appear grayish or yellowish brown in tones. After some color trials, I decided to cut a tone somewhere in between the Grey and yellow/brown zones. For those keen folks out there, within the next coming weeks or so I'll try to provide an illustrated painting chart to assist those with similar projects.

Finally, thank you for your enthusiastic support and inquiring emails. Please understand that this is a particularly busy time for me and I do have another two more future Alpine Miniatures releases that need my immediate attention ( more of that to follow). Hence, your patience with me is greatly appreciated.




Andreas said...

what the f***** was my first thought
as I saw it O.O looks like a real soldier Calvin!!!

the dusty appearance supports this impression. Simply great!BRAVO!

danny said...

Precioso un lujo para la vista.
un saludo

Anonymous said...

Whoa! i thought i was looking at a real dude.

~ Basil

Chris Mrosko said...

Fantastic painting! Wow! I am totally blown away!
Chris "Panzer" Mrosko

Panzer said...

How does one join your friends list?

Anonymous said...

Simply stunning. Looks like its an amazing sculpt, but you've taken it to another level with the painting!!!



Frank said...

Calvin: several of us US Marines saw this and we love it! You honor us.

Caramba Miniatures by Marcin Skrzypek said...

Awesome work! WoW!

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Charlie said...

What were your color mixes on the MARPAT? said...


Did you ever get round to creating that painting guide for the digital camo. Got the same bust coming and saw your excellent paint work, so why not ask from the best. Any help would be very, very grateful.