Wednesday, 26 August 2009

IT IS A GIRL !!!!!!!


For quite sometime my wife Gwen and I were praying for a child and by the grace of God this prayer was finally answered late last year. Now, after many months of anticipation Gwen and I are most pleased to announce the arrival of our newest family member, Abigail, on Monday evening, 24 August, 2009.

After two days of being a father, I can only say that she gets very loud and cranky to signal her meal time from mummy. But when seeing her after so snugly laid to sleep in my arms makes that all so insignificant; a feeling that has often been described to me by others but not personally experienced til this moment.

As you can probably imagine, spare time for modelling will be curtailed by baby bathing time, diaper changing detail as with all the other last minute surprises that every parent will experience. Nonetheless, I will try my best to share some material that I promised to post and will do so when my routine life stabilizes. On behalf of us two excited first-time parents, Gwen and I would love thank you all for your well wishes and blessings to our new found joy Abigail.



Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Coming from another father, you're right, there's a feeling that you just can't describe when seeing and holding your new baby! Congrats again!
All the best,

Anonymous said...


i visite your page everyday to see some news, but this one is absolutly the best i could imagine.

Greetings from Germany

Gary Dombrowski said...

Calvin, What a beautiful baby. Congratulations to you and your wife. ~Gary

Herve from France said...

God bless u all...

Anonymous said...

Very nice family, congratulations Calvin!!!
God bless your family!!!

Greetings from Germany

dieguito said...

Enhorabuena Cavin..., te deseo lo mejor para tí y tu familia.., y que disfrutes de la pequeña...,


Radek Pituch said...

Congratulations and all the best to your family.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Calvin! Great news.

Unknown said...

Wow that is great! Congrats! I have a 17 year old who plans to join the army

Rudi Richardson said...

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !

Congrats to you both, Calvin! By far you best work to date ;)

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi Calvin

Congratulations again and welcome to the parenthood club... Life is never going to be same again but well worth it..

my usual statement, hope to see in life in Singapore next trip.

Take care

Panzer said...

Congratulations to you and the wife with the arrival of Abigail.

All the best and try to get some sleep whenever possible.


Unknown said...

Great news Calvin! Congratulations!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and your wife! May God bless this new family!


Marcel Boerrigter said...


Congratulations to you and your wife with the birth of your beautiful daughter Abigail!!
I became father for the second time in July but despite the sleepless night it's a wonderful experience. Enjoy because they are growing so fast.


Matt Yates said...

Congratulations Calvin! Beautiful! I can assure you that she'll get a lot louder! Matt

Anonymous said...

Hi Calvin!
Nice to see you got a girl and the name is fantastic. Abigail was actually under disction for my daughter.
I hope you will settle in for the role as an father and rolemodel ;O)
Kindest regards from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Hi Calvin,

Congratulations! I know it´s a hard time (esp. at night) because
we also got our baby (boy) on 28.07.2009 ;-) - but when he is smilling to us - the happiness can´t be discribed.

Hope mum & baby and you are fine!

Frank / Germany

CU in the Pampers-Lounge!

Andreas said...

Cingratulations calvin! such a sweet baby!

maybe you can train her when big;-)

I wish you and you wife best health and patience with her:-)

best wishes


Pongsatorn Kanthaboon said...

Congratulations Calvin!, your got this perfect time and feeling...

new father, may you and family got alot of happy everyday.


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พงศธร กันทาบุญ

Caramba Miniatures by Marcin Skrzypek said...

Congratulations Calvin and all the best!


Curt-EYE said...

way to go on your newest creation! Enjoy and over time you will adapt to not having the time you were once use too!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation also from me.
I have two sons, one was adopted 4 yeras ago and I know what you and your wife are feeling.
Best wishes for the future
Paolo Capitanio and his Family

joeyko said...


Marko Kevo said...

Congratulations and welcome 2 fatherhood

Anonymous said...

Congrats Calvin! Your best work yet!!! Those colour tones and rosy cheeks are perfect!!! We won't ask how you did it though :-)

~ Basil

Unknown said...

Congratulations for the arrival of your little princess, Calvin! Welcome to fatherhood!

Now you will have more time awake in between feeds to paint figures!

Chin Yang

Unknown said...

Congratulations.... is beautiful......

Anonymous said...

A blessed event indeed. Congratulations to you and your family.

Rick Lawler

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Calvin!

Greetings from Croatia

Oliver Kovacs said...

welcome to the Father's Club! Congartulation for you!!! I wish all the best for you!!!


CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Guys,

on behalf of Abigail, Gwen and I, thank you all for your generous outpour of well wishes and blessings. As most of you might imagine, she is our first child and we are try our best to adjust our lives to her routine of cry-eat, cry-pooh/pee and sleep. I suspect that the guard duties I did during my National Service stint is somewhat a preparation for this. Only difference is that we were only turned out twice at the most!

Abigail partied from 11pm till 9am this morning. It's 1.20pm here in Singapore and it's time to catch up on lost sleep.

Thanks again for the well wishes and blessings and especially the fathers for your encouragements.

Chin Yang,
that sounds like a great inspiration for a new book to pen "The Father's Guide to Modelling - Vol 1. The First 6 Months" and that will cover how to paint figures in between feeds.


Young-woo, Ko said...

Congratulation to your family~ :)
What a beautiful princess!!!

I belive you and the wife will be very good parents. :)

Congrats again and god bless your family.

Young-woo, Ko. from S.Korea.

Anonymous said...

Muchas felicidades para ti y Gwen desde España.

Paul Chana said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you and your wife!

All the best

Anonymous said...

Wow...... great painting job Calvin,what colours did you use for the cheeks this time???????????????concratulations to you both,

Greetings Harrie van Dijk,Roosendaal,Netherlands

Jing said...


DO YOU REMEMBER ME!! Hahahah! Anyway i just arrived in SG for good! And Gary told me your good news. :D
Wonderful joy! I am glad for the both of you!!!!

See ya guys!

Başar said...

Beautiful baby. God bless her.


Richard Knorrek said...


All the best to all your family, especially its newest member!

Take care!

Richard Knorrek said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Calvin,

What a beautiful Abigail
To God be the glory!
May God continue to bless you and your family!


Marc Hutsebaut said...

Stumbled onto your site by fortuitous accident (looking for great miniatures/painting, actually) and lo and behold but you should have produced the greatest mini of them all. Many congratulations to you and your wife from Belgium!

Marc -

(PS: love the painting, too, by the way)

neofaux said...

A child is indeed a joy to behold.



Andreas said...

by the way:

now you have some stuff for the sbs section;-)

"how to feed your baby"

"how to change pampers"

just kidding:D


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Calvin, good luck with fatherhood your gonna need it!

best wishes


Anonymous said...

Congratulation for your daughter.
It's the most beautiful miniature you could ever have!! She's really beautiful!

vespinoza said...

Muchas felicidades (Congratulations)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Calvin! It's wonderful news. Abigail looks perfect!

Charles aka falconfox

Len said...

Grats Mr Calvin and Ms Lee!!! :D :D :D

One month sooonnn! XD

emufoot said...

Long time lurker...

Congratulations! When you feel knackered, remember, it only gets better!


simpleklean said...

Congratulations !)
God Bless!
greetings from Ukraine

peponec said...

eessssaaaaa carajo felicidades congratulations CHEEE !!!!!from Argentína.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Calvin good work,I wait see you a AMT2010 Torrent.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know anything about it! what a surprise! I hope we meet soon to give you a hug and celebrate it.
All the best to you and your new family ;)


Kit said...

Congratulations Calvin and Miss lee! She is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Hah! So you are a father now. Congratulations to you and your wife. A beautiful baby indeed.


Mengopoo said...

Congrats to you!

Anonymous said...


In NYP 2006, I remember your wife already start pregnant, it's this your 2nd child?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your fatherhood Calvin! and good luck ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh, my......................

Welcome to the father's world.

Hope your new girl will be healthy and happy with generous her parents.

Congratulations, again


Kenneth Yeo said...

Hi Calvin !
Just "stumbled" on your blog post today. Congratulations !!! Has the little one started "behaving" yet ;)? WELCOME TO FATHERHOOD ! It gets a little easier with the 2nd one :)(I have 2, a boy and girl). Cheers !