Sunday, 4 April 2010

SS- Obersturmführer, Das Reich, Russia 1941


Here's another quick update on the sculpt. Thanks for all the constructive comments and as you can see some alterations were made. I decided to spread the digits of the left hand for a more natural appearance as the original cupped hand felt rather contrived. Also I had to lengthen the barrel of the Luger as it was almost a scale inch too short. The belt buckle and stick grenade were castings made by Taesung Harmms from my originals. I'm pretty much happy at this point with the overall look of the figure and I do hope to proceed to creating the groundwork as soon as the refinements are in place.

Also completed is a scratch-built 1/16 scale M-16A1 rifle built whilst waiting for my castings to arrive back from Taesung. I almost forgot how painful it was to scratch-build firearms. And yes, there are plans to use it with a figure ;)



Andreas said...

great news! a calvin tan alpine figure!

Andreas said...

let's guess which subject he will sculpt guys!

I say U.S. 'nam seal;)

markus said...

Just found your I'm quite impressed!

Would be glad if you could help me with a bust. It's the young miniatures Waffen SS 1944 Ardennes. I've got problems with the camo. Just klick the link and write a comment here or send me a mail to


Marc said...

Oh Wow...nice job on the m16 too. Busy of late? Seldom see u online...stay frosty.


Anonymous said...

Actually Calvin, you are right about the first Luger, there are 3 barrel lengths made. Check your email, I sent you the photo of the one you made before and the present one of the real weapon.

Norman Lim

CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Norman,

I'm actually modeling the Artillery Luger which has a much longer barrel length.

Thanks for offering to help anyway.
I'll take up you up on your offer sometime soon ;)


CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Andreas,

close but no cigar ;)