Saturday, 3 July 2010

Collar Tabs and Groundwork


I managed to get moving on the collar tabs early last week. Rather then sculpting them together with rest of the figure, I figured earlier that I could save some time on painting by sculpting the details by dying the epoxy putty with their respective colors and later homogenizing the stark appearance with a thin glaze of paint. Not only did this approach save me some time but also allowed me to attain better relief and finesse with the runes and embroidered piping.

Preliminary painting for the groundwork was also accomplished during this period in tandem with the rest of the figure so as to ensure an consistency and harmony. To echo the colors of the figure, I worked in hues of violet and blue to the shadow of the groundwork. I might have gotten carried away with the blue and now it looks too cold for my preference. Reckon I'll lay some ocher tones over to balance the temperature.



Jim Johnston said...

It's looking great Calvin. Your work continues to impress.

Andreas said...

wow nice.It reminds me of your figures in your "book era";)

very very nice old school calvin figure!

btw,what is with your idea to write a new book?:)


CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Jim,

thanks again for the kind words. Glad to know that I did not disappoint.

Hi Andreas,

another book you say? I think most unlikely anytime soon due to obvious circumstances. Perhaps sometime in the future.