Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hello 2012!!!

Here's wishing everyone a happy 2012 and here's an update to the progress of Landser bust from Young Miniatures to kick start the new year.

For curious minds, here's a pictorial description on how the helmet decal was painted by hand.

The boundary of the shield was indicated with dots before filling in the solid color.

A modicum of paint retarder was mixed to improve paint flow. The eagle motif was painted with light grey onto the wet surface of the black. This allows a certain degree of "mucking" around until the desired tones and shapes are achieved. I've found that this method also helps to reduce the build-up of paint, creating a smoother finish.

The final result.

On another note, Fernando Ruiz has posted a short write-up (in Spanish) on my trip to Girona last November over at his blog HERE.

I must say that it was a wonderful weekend to spend with some of the figure modelers from El Baluard and especially for Fernando Ruiz to host my visit in Barcelona and Girona. Muchas Gracis for sus hospitalidad.




6q said...

How ever you are the best, I like very much yours details and techniques!!!!!!!
Best regards from Barcelona!!

David said...

A truly amazing work, like all your work.