Thursday, 8 March 2012

Young Miniatures - British Paratrooper, Northwest Europe, 1944

Still on a roll with the painting streak, I've been once again offered another irresistible assignment to paint the box art for Young Miniature's upcoming offering - a WW2 British paratrooper sculpted by Young himself. I am sure that many will agree, that Young deserves kudos for taking up the courageous gamble to abstain the trial and tested commercial viability of WW2 Germans subjects for a WW2 Allied offering instead.

In retrospect, it seems that Young does have a penchant for WW2 airborne troops -with his past releases of Fallschirmjagers, US 82nd and 101st Airborne. It would seem that this upcoming release will complete the full collection of Allied airborne troops operating on D+1. Perhaps he could be so kind as to consider also packaging this British Paratrooper together with his previously released 101st and 82nd Airborne busts as a complete special D-Day anniversary collectors set.

The kit contains 9 parts - including a bonus British airborne badge. It definitely looks the part of a commemorative tribute to the British airborne in WW2 when pieced together as a complete display. Another distinguishing aspect of this portraiture would be Young's recent shift in the depiction of an archetypical "good looking" face to that of slight caricature and character personality. As far as stereotypes goes, one could readily assume that this bloke is a familiar face in one of those English bars chugging down a pint of ale after a rugby match.

Regrettably, I was unable to spare the additional effort to provide a blow by blow pictorial account of the painting process - especially on the camouflage for the Denison smock. Fast forward here is a week's intermittent effort. Jo Sonja paints were used exclusively up to this point and hopefully I'll be able provide some color notes here at my earliest possible free time.




Unknown said...

It's fantastic , congratulations!

BOAZ said...


I am at last gaining more courage to try some figure painting with Acrylics, thanks to your easy to follow explanations of the technique, backed up with such great photographs that show the effects taht are achieved.

Calvin Tan said...

Thank you all for the kind words.

With all additional effort placed in the photo documentation of the painting process, I'm very glad that at least one has taken on the courage to try out this technique.

Happy Painting,