Monday, 23 July 2012

Young Miniatures - Obersturmführer, SS Cavalry Division, Florian Geyer, 1944

Glad to say that the final push was made this weekend to complete the partisan hunter. Painting this caricatured portrait of a repugnant character was quite a refreshing experience as there was a sense of liberty to boldly experiment with colors and contrast - as compared on a "pretty" face where one might be compelled to be more cautious.

As previously mentioned, I employed a blue-green color bias for the shadows to enhance the aura of evil especially on the face. The colors for Erbsenmuster tunic was loosely referenced from a previous box-art assignment HERE and everything was pretty much straightforward.




Stephen said...

Awesome work Calvin, and inspiring as always, I've really enjoyed your lessons in color like the ones I mentioned in a previous post that I applied to my Ernest Hemingway project. I will continue to apply some of the great tips you're always putting in these SBSs. Cheers sir! -Stephen

Calvin Tan said...

Hi Stephen,

thanks for the compliments. Glad to know that some of my color experimentations are rubbing off on you. Looking forward to seeing your finished results on your Hemingway project.