Saturday, 27 October 2012

2nd Marine Division, Tarawa, 1943

I've managed to snatch some time over this weekend to take some new photos of the new 1/16 scale US Marine from Alpine Miniature and prepare some color notes on painting the "Duck Hunter" camouflage. Colors quoted are from Jo Sonja acrylics.

On another note, next week looks set for an exciting event in the Singaporean scale modelling calender with M-CON 2012.  Like the premier show in 2008, it will be held in the heart of downtown Singapore at Sculpture Square over the weekend from 1-4 November. I will be conducting a small workshop/painting clinic on the afternoon of Saturday, 3 November. We also have invited a very prominent guest artist to grace this event and so if you're in the area come on by and have a look.




Unknown said...

Thanks Calvin for the color chart. I thought and was wishing you had used vallejo paints but i know Lynn kessler has used those acrylics in his figure paintings and swears by them.I myself always would paint 120mm figs in enamels and artist oils but i am trying to really get the hang of acrylic paint.i will be ordering my fig soon and will let you know how it turns out. thanks again, Michael

Didier MONGE said...

Hey Calvin !

Thanks you very much for theses smalls informations about your " Marines camo 's process" . I use the Jo Sonja's Artist colors (I love theses paints!) and I very glad with your Color chart!
Very instructive and rich for alls painters of camo uniforms!

Thanks Calvin


Kiko Fernández Velasco said...

Congrats Calvin,it is looks awesome. And trying to paint another one in 54mm and was looking for references. Thanks for the color chart, Do you know the equivalences for Vallejo paintings?