Sunday, 10 February 2013

Young Miniatures - 192th Panzer Grenadier Regiment, Tunisia, 1943

The month of January has been rather hectic for me. Realizing that I do not need the additional frustration caused by the painting of vertical strokes on the splinter pattern camouflage, I decided to place that on a short hiatus and indulge myself in this short recreational project on this DAK bust from Young Miniatures over the past week.

I would currently place this at 90% completed - with some areas needing minor refinements. Being a recreational project, I also attempted to depict the reflective surface of the goggle lens by projecting the nearby surroundings onto it.




Kyle Nelson said...

I love the reflection of the landscape in the goggles! I tried to do this on my Mountaineer bust, but you are the master. =)

Calvin Tan said...

Hi Kyle,

thanks for the kind words! It's my first time pulling such a stunt and I'm glad that it worked for you.