Saturday, 4 March 2017

Hornet Models - SS Tankcrew, Operation Citadel, Kursk 1943

I am reliving the 1990's era with this recent painting of this timeless classic figure from Hornet Models sculpted by Roger Saunders. I cannot remember the last time I painted a metal figure but it does feel great to wet my brushes again on this piece. Notwithstanding the lack of sharp definition of details found in most of today's 1/35 scale resin figures, the simplicity of the drapes and the attitude of this figure can cater for an enjoyable and fulfilling painting experience. 

To expedite the painting a little quicker, I inverted the figure and base coated the figure in Gunze Sanyo Black primer. Before it dried off completely, I flipped it over and sprayed a mist of Gunze Sanyo Grey Resin Primer to achieve a rudimentary impression of an overcast. It may appear grainy from the photos but that is just due to the fact that the aerosol can was sprayed from a distance to produce a "fuzzy' effect. (Be warned that this WILL NOT work with the Tamiya spray as the result will be coarse due to the pigment grain.)

Some of the intermittent work done over a two-week period.



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