Thursday, 29 March 2018

Alpine Miniatures - 1/16 Scale SS Unterscharführer Bust

I am back again after a three month hiatus from painting with a job assignment from Alpine Miniatures. Subject this time is a 1/16 scale bust based of an earlier 1/16 scale full figure of an SS Unterscharführer with a PPSH sub-machine gun. This also marks my first attempt to render the blurred edge camouflage pattern for which I am still not convinced that it is fully working at this stage. Let's see what prospects this Good Friday weekend beholds.



Michał Żurawski said...

Amazing work!
Is this blurred edge camo?! Rarely seen in miniatures world.

Just wonder, what you have used for base color? Beige Brown? Orange Brown?

Ee Cheong said...

I love how you tone down the contrast on the face just a little for a more youthful look. I can see this working for female figures too. You seem to have reduce the yellow hue on the hair. I like it, it is very realistic.

Ee Cheong said...

Michał Żurawski, i once asked Calvin a similar question. He said it does not matter as the colours are close together and he mixes his colours. I suppose you can mix a bit of red brown to beige brown or a bit of dark brown to orange brown get the base colour.