Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Alpine Miniatures - Fallschirmjäger, Crete 1941

Calling it done on this very nice and simple figure from Alpine Miniatures. This was a rather straightforward painting assignment with minimal preparation. The right arm is secured with neodymium magnets to facilitate the painting of the Kar98 rifle and the rifle strap. 

The figure was mostly painted with Vallejo Color, Jo Sonya and Andrea Color. The main difference I find with these three brands is that Vallejo Color flows better than Jo Sonya and Andrea Color and it is therefore more suited for fine detail work and glazing. The only drawback is that it may dry to a satin finish when the paints are not properly mixed. Jo Sonya, Andrea Color and to some extent AK Interactive colors have a much heavier and creamier consistency.  I use them frequently for wet on wet applications due to the heavy body of the paint. It is also common for me to mix Jo Sonjas, Andrea Colors with the Vallejo Colors to have the best of both worlds.

Colors used to attain the color shade for the Grünmeliert jump smock. Andrea Color Field Grey was used in lieu of Tamiya Flat Base to ensure that the colors dry to a flat finish.

I also took the opportunity to sample the acrylic inks from Vallejo Color and Andrea Color. 

The Vallejo Model Wash are quite convenient to use and they dry to a flat finish. They were particularly great for outlining the clothing seams on the figure. The inks from Andrea Color are a mixed bag. The brown ink dries completely flat and has a rich saturated orange brown finish. I used it in tandem with the Vallejo Model Wash to render the brown leather. The black ink dries to a satin finish and is particularly suited for enhancing the luster of the dark brown leather of the rifle sling.

In closing this has been a very enjoyable project to indulge in with some new products to review and play with in the process. I am going to take a short break from painting and see you again September with something new.




Ee Cheong said...

Calvin, beautiful contrast on the smock and trousers. Nice play with the temperature on the greens. I like it a lot.

I used one of your photos in Jaume's facebook timeline. I gave you credit.

The post was automatically posted on your timeline as well. I don't know why. Sorry, I am not good with facebook.

Calvin Tan said...

Thanks Ee Cheong!


luigigraffi said...

Very impresive work!!!