Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Alpine Miniatures - SS Schutze KG Hansen Poteau 1944

Finally calling this recreational project done. The method for painting the Oak-leaf camouflage Zeltbahn is documented in my intermediate guide to figure painting published by Model Art magazine.  

An idea of scale.



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Ee Cheong said...

Many thanks for posting photos of this beautiful figure from different angles.

I like this blog, because it is easier to find posts on particular figures here than on your facebook. I think your blog encourages sale for Alpine Miniatures, because many of us are impressed by your presentation and want to paint the same figure.

The 15 October 2018 video is praticularly useful, because it shows the colours you used for the field grey in the palette camera. We have your colours for the autumn camouflage scheme from your 2nd DVD. Thank you again.