Sunday, 5 January 2020

Model Art DVD - Calvin Tan's Guide to Converting and Painting Figures

First of all a Happy New Year to one and all. After several months of hard work by the industrious team at Model Art magazine, I am glad to announce that the third volume of my instructional guide to scale figure modelling (in English) will soon hit the market (hopefully by the end of January 2020). 

Unlike my previous two DVDs which solely showcases my painting techniques, this edition focuses on the conversion and customization of plastic injection molded figures. Using the most current 3D-scanned figures from Tamiya's Wehrmacht tank crew set as a base, I will reveal my strategies, techniques and the materials needed to perform a simple conversion of a tank crew to a Panzer Lehr infantryman.

Great lengths have been made to comprehensively record each step of the process; from the separation of the parts; the re-modelling the figure as well as a bounty of bonus material like detailing accessories, modelling groundwork and painting the Splinter camouflage pattern. 

This is by far the most exhaustive project the Model Art team and I have been involved in and on behalf of our team we  hope that it will serve as a beneficial resource all scale modellers out there.



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