Sunday, 8 March 2020

Rado Miniatures - SS-Sturmmann, 25th SS Pz.Rgt., Norrey-en-Bessin, Normandy 1944

Taking a short break from the 1/16 scale commission to work on this painting assignment from Rado Miniatures. This figure is sculpted by Radek Pituch to which I must compliment that the animation is particularly well captured. The painting on the Platanenmuster smock and Erbsenmuster trousers are painted with a mixture of acrylic paints from Vallejo and AK Interactive Gen 3.
A quick and fun project I must say and I am looking forward to painting the companion figure. 

Some work in progress shots of the painting.




Brian N Stanley said...

Outstanding job, as always­čĹŹ! Can't wait to see the companion in the 2 figure set­čĆć. I also agree that Radek does a great job of giving us figures in action poses. Great for Diorama's...

Calvin Tan said...

Hi Brian,

thanks for the compliments. ­čśŐ