Monday, 11 May 2020

Watch 'em Burn - Young Miniatures - US 101st Airborne 506 PIR Noville 1944

Finally completed the painting on this little gem of a sculpt from Young Miniatures. It was an immensely enjoyable project to experiment with some new approaches in particular emulating Masami Onishi's (大西將美) painting style from the 1970's. Onishi was a master in using very bold colors like violets, blue-greens, orange and magenta directly on his military illustrations during that time. A good example would be Onishi's box art painting for Tamiya's Panzer Grenadier Set and the US Gun and Mortar Team. The use of such vivid colors to illustrate dramatic lighting and the loose handling of the paint, helps to set off a much stronger mood and emotion - like in an old school movie poster/bill board. 

In conclusion, I personally feel that busts can provide any painter an excellent canvas to not just practice on the painting technique but also experiment on various painting styles and techniques. 

Going back to some 1/35 scale stuff now....



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