Tuesday 24 January 2023

USMC BAR Gunner - Battle of the Chosin Reservoir, 1950

I took advantage of the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday to finish my figure commission. This 1/16 scale sculpture was created by John Rosengrant, based on an illustration by Ron Volstad. It is not for commercial sale and only 25 copies were made. This particular copy is numbered 6/25. I used AK Interactive Gen 3 and Abt 502 acrylics to paint it, and I created the snow effects with glass powder made by crushing microscope glass slides with the bottom of a beer bottle in a glass bowl.

This was an incredibly enjoyable project and it was one of John Rosengrant's best works in recent years. The pose, attitude, and attention to detail make this an incredibly captivating piece. I would like to give a special thanks to Huang Zhongwen for the opportunity to paint this fantastic piece.



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