Saturday, 12 January 2008

12.SS Pz.Div HJ PzRgt.25 Normandy 1944 - Teaser

Just thought I'll slip a teaser to make this weekend more enjoyable.



Oliver Giersch said...

Great as always. I like the youthful face the man in the background.

Is there something special about the SS-Pz.Gren.Reg. 25? There is already a Dragon figure set (the one you used in your book) and now another by Alpine.

Richard Knorrek said...

Hey Calvin!
Nice figures as always! How can it be, that your figures are perfect already, but keep getting better every time you do some new ones?
And when are you going to do the thing about transporting figures safely you told me about before christmas? ;)

hey oliver!
I think it's this whole "they fought like heroes"-thing and of course, like the LAH, they got the magic word "Hitler" in their name. American modelers seem to like SS-Figures more than the common Heer ones. And figures from HJ or LAH seem to be even more popular.
Don't ask me why, I ain't got a clue.

~Richard (GER)

Oliver Giersch said...

Sure, I personally find SS figures more interesting, too. I just wondered why the 25th Regiment seems to be so famous and not the 26th Regiment e.g, which fought in the same Division

Doug said...

Great Figures Calvin i guess i got the answer to my question about the weapon :)

Calvin Tan said...

Hi Richard,

sorry for not giving youy an answer. Just that I was too busy with the box art and other stuff to get around to it. I was going to take a photo for the set-up but since you asked again here's my answer:

I use a clear tupperware box, inverted it such that the lid becomes the base on which I secure the figures with a generous amount of Blu-Tac. Put into a paper bag and it's ready to go. It's cheap and does not appear menacing to custom officers at the airports.

Hope it answers your question.


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jaume ortiz said...

Yo're the best,amigo!!
I love this couple.Your paintjob is amazing,as always.
Take care

Tibor said...

Hello Calvin,
the figures are marvelous, finally some action poses from alpine. I love the painting, especially your "italian" pattern, can you share the "mix" ? :-)

serang kim said...

Hi, Calvin!
Long time no see.
this is serang kim from korea.
i found your blog, just say 'Hello~!'
i have some health problems on my neck, i wish your healthy.
and you are real artist!

Calvin Tan said...

Hi guys,

finally returned from my three week army reservist stint and hence the late reply.

Jaume, thanks for your kind words again. Can't wait to see your rendition of this pair.

Hello Serang,

great to hear from you again! I hope that you are recovering well to model again. It's been a long while since I've seen a masterpiece from you. Keep in touch my friend and have a Happy Lunar New Year!