Friday, 4 January 2008

12.SS Pz.Div HJ PzRgt.25 Normandy 1944 - WIP

Hi All,
just thought I'll take a breather to post some more updates to the Normandy vignette from Alpine Miniatures. Reckon I'll proceed to work on the Italian camo trousers as soon as I make the final refinements to Oak Leaf pattern on the back of the smock latter today. Also I'll try to post the colour recipes and swatches when time permits.



Anonymous said...

Hi Calvin,
always a pleasure to see how one (two) of your figures will come to life! Great!


CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Frank,

thanks for the kind words.



Batur said...

dear calvin tan,
I examined your your book you use ( base colour 825+984,medium green A 890+984,medium green B 975,dark green 975+950,light green 845+833+975+921 ) colours for oak leaf.But in you blog you use different colours for oak leaf camo ( base 825,light green 850+825,dark green 850+822+950 ).Which combination do you suggest me ??