Wednesday, 9 January 2008

12.SS Pz.Div HJ PzRgt.25 Normandy 1944 - WIP

Just thought I'll take a short break from painting to post some pictures of today's progress. With all the hype about it impending release generated from the discussion forums and the unfortunate circumstance surrounding this particular release, it looks like I'll have to step up one notch to get the pair completed before the week closes. Xiao Liao.....

Close-up of the SS-Unterscharführer which is almost towards completion with only the spare head remaining to be rendered for the final photo shoot for the official box art.

Today's progress for the "Junger Schütze".



Oliver Giersch said...

Some questions:
Did you reduce the oak-leaf pattern to three colours or is it just the picture?
Why does the second one has a different pattern on his right knee?
And what is "Jugend-Schütze" supposed to mean?

Doug Kinder said...

Excellent work Man SUPERB ! what weapon does the guy with the full overalls goiung to be carrying

CALVIN TAN said...

Some answers:
The pattern is recreated with three colours loosely based on the instructions of Jaume Ortiz's tutorial over at Timelineforum.

Jaume's Guide to Painting SS Oak-Leaf Camouflage

The figure comes with a piece of patch work on the his right knee and I thought I'll give it a different pattern to convey a hurried appearance of the repair work.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm guessing that "Jugend-Schütze" would translate to "young private" in English.


Oliver Giersch said...

If you mean it as an adjective it would be: "jugendlicher/junger Schütze".

Btw. Nice idea with the patch work

CALVIN TAN said...

Thanks for the correction. Made the changes to the post.