Thursday, 1 February 2007

New Assignment from Alpine Miniatures

Okie, this week started off fast and furious with an urgent assignment from Taesung to complete the box art for his new 1/35 release; two Waffen-SS tankers in leather suits. I strongly believe that this pair will go very well with any AFV modeller who desires to model the "ultimate" Pz. IV or Panther from the 12.-SS-Pz. Div. "HJ" in Normandy.

Plus if you can see from the preview pictures, the sculpting is really top notch and definitely Taesung's best sculpt to date. The anatomy and pose are spot on and the rendering of the drapery and details of the leather suit is second to none other 1/35 scale commercial figures. I can only deduct that Taesung has invested a great deal of effort and energy in this spectacular set of figures.

The following are a few sequences of the painting in progress. Initially, I had a real difficult time attaining a deeper intensity of black with the Vallejo Black that I had had to resort to using some Ivory Black oil paints from W&N for the shadows. The desaturated appearance of the Vallejo Black mixed with Tamiya Flat Base were hence used for the highlights. Additional colours used for the highlights and mid-tones included US Oliver Drab (to add warmth) and Basis Skin Tone ( to lighten).

Looks like it's almost 80% done with just the black primer!

Well, here's also an update on the Fallscrhimjager Panzerschreck vignette with the added vegetation.

As you can notice, I spent the weekend replacing the Alpine's Panzerschreck with an updated one from Dragon Gen2 Tank Hunter Set, scratched built the ammo box and hollowed out the tail fins of the rockets. The painting will now have to wait till I settle the job above.


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