Thursday, 1 February 2007

First Figure Out!

Got the rendering of the first figure completed as well as the wounded head of the second. Not exactly my personal best effort but that will do for the Alpine Miniatures box art.

And now some dinner!!!!

Chicken rice from Margaret Drive......POWER SIAH!!!!



Martin von Bargen said...

Compliments on such an authentic, lifelike paint job, especially the soft lighting of the leathers. I can't wait to get my hands on these figures. Reading your book, I find the head painting article useful, but would benefit from some larger images. Do you have any such images? I get a bit lost between the first highlights and shadow glazes.



CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Martin,

thanks for your compliments. The leather effect was surprisingly easy to attain (just to handle for the box art at least). It was done with glazes of acrylic inks, the same type featured in my Osprey book.
The key solution to ease the transition between the first highlights and shadows is to first acquire a suitable mid tone colour and applying them in glazes in between the two zones. There are two essential points to take note when applying the glaze. First the consistency of the paint; it has to be heavily thinned with water for greater translucency. Opacity can be built from repeated glazes of colour. Second point is that the brush must not be overloaded with paint. Always test it against a piece of paper to check its consistency. This will determine the discharge of paint from the brush to the surface that's to be painted. Since I paint from a black undercoat, it makes perfect sense for me to test it against a sheet of matt black paper. HTH