Sunday, 12 August 2007

SAR 21 Assault Rifle

Here's a preview of the master of the 1/6 SAR 21 Assault Rifle that I 've been working on the past few days before I send it off for casting first thing on Monday morning.




Julian Yap said...

Hi Calvin, how's the SAF commission work coming along? Can't wait to see the stuff you've done so far(since the leo2A4). What happened to the 3d job you called about last time?

Drop me a line whenever you can. or meet up w/ ah qiong sometime.


Gary Dombrowski said...

Calvin, Excellent job on the weapon. What is it made from?~Gary

CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Gary,

the weapon was machined out in Ciba wood (a wood plastic composite) amd casted in resin from which additional details such as gas plug, LAM selector, laser sight etc... were added on.


Anonymous said...

Any more picture of this weapon, nice work you have there.

Anonymous said...

where can i get this, do you sell them?

justin said...

amazing job..!! how did you mold it? want to learn..