Friday, 31 August 2007

Just a quick one....

Finally managed to sneak some time to take some photos of the first figure whilst waiting for the groundwork of the third to set.



Gary Dombrowski said...

Calvin, EXCELLENT work. So do you find LARGE scale work easier or more time consuming? I would think anatomical mistakes (not that you've made any) less forgiving.~Gary

Unknown said...

Wow. Great work. Do you have any recommendation for shops to buy polymer clay in sg? I'm trying to create some castle figurine for my wedding cake.

Norman Lim said...

Bro, email me leh,, just back from US. Like your soldier, look like me preparing for 15th Ranger Course, Kam Chek man...those days...


CALVIN TAN said...

Hi guys,

thanks for your kind words and sorry for this delayed reply.

Gary, yes working in a larger scale is obviously for me more time consuming. But it does have it's up and down side. Firstly, the Super Sculpey firm is really a pain in a$$ to condition though it holds detail very well. I could get a lot more details in with a larger canvas and hence making it more time consuming as mentioned earlier. As for anatomical mistakes, yes, it's really easy to commit them if you're too close to the figure and hence I hade to constantly take several steps back to check for the overall proportion. It's not the same when you're working with a 1/35 figure when you can just stretch out your arm to make assessments.

Liquid Pixel, you can get a good selection of other types of Polymer clays from my friend Garie here:

Yo Norman,
great to know that you're back. Will send you an email soon.