Monday, 12 May 2008

1/24 Male Sculpt.

More updates to the 1/24 scale sculpt. The grey parts(apart from the hands carved from epoxy putty) are Kato Polyclay modelled over an epoxy putty armature. No prizes for guessing what nationally he's going as the subject matter is dead obvious ;P
Moving on to the boots as we speak...




Vince Chmielewski said...

When sculpting in 1/24 scale, what head ratio do you use? I've found that a little bit larger head and hands looks better, but I am curious what you think.

Matt Springer said...

Looks great so far, Calvin!

CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Vincent,

I have a personal preference to sculpt my figures using a ratio between 7 to 7 1/2 head units. I also have a scanned image of Dr Richter's illustration scaled to 1/24 scale printed on a post card to use as a template for additional reference.