Tuesday, 24 June 2008

SS-Scharführer, SS-Panzer-Abteilung 502, Das Reich, 1945

A few weeks ago as I was taking stock of my exhibits for the World Expo in Girona, it dawned upon me that all of them were either private commissions or renderings for box art. As it has been quite while that I made something for myself, I was prompted to create just one piece truly for my own personal collection. Given a short time frame of three weeks, this project was what I would describe as a "out of the box"conversion using stock offerings of a Hornet head and an Alpine figure (donated by Taesung Harmms)
Having no idea whatsoever from the start on how the figure was to be presented, I rummaged around my collection of spare parts and accessories; hoping to get inspired by the objects I could find. It was soon after that I found an old stash of Tiger II ammunition crates from Tank Workshop which gave me my eureka moment. This was an old idea that I had done a long time back with a 120mm figure but I decided to re-visit it again this time on a smaller scale. What I particularly like about using these ammunition crates is that one could not only use them to build levels but at the same time create a variety of directional lines for visual presentation. Similar elements such as the expanded tank round cartridges (from AFV Club) were also introduced to provide variety and interest.
After resolving all outstanding issues with the composition, I proceeded to render the scene with a palette of analogous colours consisting of khakis, dark yellows, orange and red browns.
Not for a very long time until recently, I decided to use oil paints to render the shadows for black panzer wrap as I was unable to get satisfying results with the acrylic paints available to me. Being an acrylic painter I do have to relent to my oil painting colleagues that oil paints do "unfortunately" produce a much deeper tone of black.
Unfortunately, the lack of time of trying to rush this figure out and performing a delicate balancing act of work and family clearly explains the lack of any in progress shots to this project. :(

BTW, in case you're wondering, the stencillings on the crates are water-slide decals from AFV Club and not hand painted.




kyoung-Jae.Lee said...

It's a stunning work. sometimes ago, i worked this figure too. but, after show your great result, i'm very shame..
i'm really want to show your work in real model not picture.
Do you have any plan to trip to South Korea. When you have the plan, please inform to me.."edeco@naver.com"
truely, sometimes ago, Some modeller in Korea talk about inviting you in Korea. (:->)

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Will it follow you to Spain or will it be on display at the M Workshop?


Dani Serrano said...

Absolutely fantastic!! I'll try to convince you to sell it to me LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Calvin

simple but oh so effective.

I'll see you in Girona!

all the best