Sunday, 10 August 2008

Alpine Miniatures - 3rd SBCT, 2nd Infantry Division

Well finally after a hectic week of balancing of work and family, I was able to get some bench time (courtesy of the national holiday) yesterday to make more progress to the painting of the second installment of Alpine Miniatures's upcoming release. Yup, it might seem sensible attempting to paint this scheme no more than once in one's lifetime but unfortunately for me I'm experiencing twice the masochistic pleasure of this endeavor.



Pablo Roig said...

Great Work Calvin.

Impresionante in spanish...

Best Regards

james pople said...

Truly awesome as always!!!! That camo looks a pain in the a$$ for sure. I'm guessing the name's 'Paine' and 'Horan' are perhaps references to 2 rather famous fellows?:P

Anonymous said...

take care mate...:)

Anonymous said...

omg marlboro reds!

excellent work:)

kawa & mimi said...

very impresive work calvin

you are fabulous, and you give hope to many modelers
paint an correct ACU it's possible !..... if you are a Robot

Anonymous said...

absolutely stunning work Calvin!
Just what I needed!!!
I'll buy 5 sets of this one for starters!

Ben Kahn

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant !!!!!!!!!

Is it done, now ?
I should go back to Singapore to see the new. ^^

I will send you a coupon book, got from the national day parade.
Hope it would be useful for your wife.


Anonymous said...

that is an olympic gold!


Richard Knorrek said...

hehe, nice, paine and horan ;)

all hal to calvin tan, the man who introduced easeregg features to modelling!