Monday, 18 August 2008

Alpine Miniatures - 3rd SBCT, 2nd Inf. Div., Iraq 2007. Sneek previews.........



....and a little something more for inquiring minds.

Colours mentioned are from Vallejo Model Colour range.



kyoung-Jae.Lee said...

Great work!!!
i heard from my friend about this figure. have a good exhibition.
if i get the chance to visit sg, i shall go the exhibition to see this figures...

LBM said...

hi my friend this is is a terrific paint job you've done a stunning painting camo, 1/35 wow wow wow (dixit bill H)
now shall we go to italy in 1944(private joke)
Take care my friend

Anonymous said...

Hi Calvin!!!

What an amazing painting!!!!
I can't close my mouth~~!!!!
If you have a chace to visit China or Korea, I hope you can give me a mail for see you. :-)
(I'm staying china for my private business)

Anyway, congratulations for complete this work!!!!! :-)

Have a nice day~~!!!

All my best regards,


Marko Kevo said...

U never cease to amaze me!
Great work dude!

Pablo Roig said...

Great Work Calvin !!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Regards from Spain...

CALVIN TAN said...

Thanks guys for your wonderful comments. I'm glad that I've cleared this assignment and moving on to another that's been sitting on my bench for more than two months now.

Laurent, unfortunately Italy 1944 is not the next destination.

Kyoung Jae, the contest and exhibition in Singapore will be held from 19 to 23 of November. More information is available HERE

Man-Kin, spectacular work on Young's Roman centurion bust. I hope to see it in the flesh if I visit Korea one day.

Hola Pablo,
muchos gracias por sus cumplidos.


xavier said...

Awesome work. How do you paint the pixerlated pattern?
I do hope that Osprey will comission you to write a book on how to paint all the pixelated/digital camo patterns.


Anonymous said...

Really fine work Mr. Tan and fantastic to see your solutuion to the ACU puzzle!



pAnd0rA said...

Hey Calvin! Outstanding job on these (and all your other figures as well!)!
Iirc, you did a Tutorial on painting ACU Camo, didn't you? Is there any chance, you could re-post it?

Cheers and best regards

Unknown said...

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