Sunday, 9 November 2008

Alpine Miniatures - KG Peiper Ardennes 1944

Here's the first cut of the KG Peiper figures for the official box-art. I'm still planning to add some debris and litter to the groundwork but reckon I will leave them out for now so as to give an unobstructed view of the figure for the box art

One more spare head to complete before I conclude this project for this week.

While we're still on the topic of winter, here are some WIP shots of Dinesh's MILF (Marders I Love to Fix). You gotta love these topless models as it really flashes a lot of gorgeous details. The faded white wash over the sand yellow base is deftly applied like a white transulent satin nightie. I'm loving what's been done so far and I'am seriously looking forward to seeing him close the deal and bring this baby home yeah!!!




Anonymous said...

Hi Calvin,

Master piece by you and Taesung
Your painting speed is amazing yet quality uncompromised...hope to see in flesh

Thanks for sharing Dinesh's white winter Marder.. very nice finishing

Take care
Allan Yong

Rudi Richardson said...

Hi Calvin,

Love it!

(as well as the MILF word play :-D ROFL)

Rudi :-)

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