Thursday, 6 November 2008

Alpine Miniatures - KG Peiper, Ardennes 1944

And finally here are a couple of WIP shots of the Peiper figure after a hectic week of balancing work and family. Much work is still required on the back of the figure before I can snap the official pictures for the box art.

Also do check out the follow-up photo report on the recently concluded Korean model show NOVEM 2008 over at Young Miniatures. Though published in Korean, one could easily get an impression of the displays and ambiance on that day from the pictures.



Anonymous said...


If you don't mind, could you please show me how do you paint Leather U-boat Jacket please?

Rudi Richardson said...


What's to say, mate? Great job! Like sion, I'd also love to know more about your technique for painting large (black) leather surfaces, like the submariner's machineroom jacket.

With regards to the recent show - what was the agenda? Any workshops like the European and US shows? Was the presentation language English or Korean? Sorry about all the questions, but I'd love to attend some time, and I'm sure other Aussies would as well ;)


Kinjiru said...

Impressive work! I'm loving it! I'm amazed with the detail and it's not finished yet!! ahhhhhhhhhh!! :D

Keep up the good work!

CALVIN TAN said...

Hi Sion and Rudi,

thanks again for both your compliments.

The leather jacket was painted with oil paints. The colours employed were Ivory Black, Raw Sienna and Naples Yellow. I first applied a thin film of Ivory Black (straight from the tube) with a flat number 2 brush as a ground. A mix of varying quantities of Raw Sienna and Naples Yellow were combined with the Ivory Black to produce a warm grey-brown tone for the highlights. This was worked wet on wet with the initial layer of Ivory black.
I prefer using oils for such purposes as it allows a greater level of flexibility to attain my desired finish of leather within a shorter time frame.

With regards to the show in Korea, it was like a regular club meeting with lots of interaction, show and tell with two main lectures; one on sculpting by Taesung and the other on painting with acrylics by yours truly . The presentations was in Korean but mine was graciously translated from English to Korean by Taesung to the attendees.

That's all for now as I gotta get back to painting those spare heads.