Thursday, 7 January 2010

Alpine Miniatures - III/SS-PzGren-Rgt 2, Ardennes, 1944


Just managed to cram in a little more work on the SS-Erbsenmuster pattern yesterday evening. Only remains to the painting of this figure would be the trousers and the spare head before moving back to Diefenthal.



Anonymous said...

heey calvin

the figures are very good
go on your fan
niels huijnen

Christian Boog said...

Hey Calvin,

i love your painting style.Absolutly great Figures. What colours do you use for the Erbsentarn Muster?

Greetings from Germany


Curt-EYE said...

Great job on the camo, so wish I could get even remotely close to your results!!!!!

Andreas said...

very nice painting!

keep on the great work!

is this figure also painted with your new style?(complementary colors etc)

best regards,


fluffy said...

Fantastic job! Sometimes I think the sculpting of the figures face(s) don't do your painting justice. The facial features of the Normandy SS Scharfuhrer make him look like a clown with a peanut allergy! Only your style of painting can make features like this look like a real person.
I'm trying to some conversion work at the moment, what epoxy putty do you use to get those stunning results? Hard to believe a person can achieve this level of realism - and it's only going to get better!