Thursday, 28 January 2010

Finally back to doing some sculpting


With most painting assignments behind, I just thought I'll get back into the groove of sculpting this week by picking up the pace of a 1/32 scale single figure project that was placed in hiatus for a long while.

The head is a complete re-sculpt of an old Verlinden head sculpted by Roger Saunders. The helmet came from the series of Gen-2 figures by DML with the helmet cover sculpted from epoxy putty. The grenade is from Alpine Miniatures which I felt was a tad too large for 1/35 but somehow just apt for 1/32. The rest of the figure is modeled using Kato Clay over a wire and epoxy putty armature. A lot more needs to be done on the back of the smock as well as the riding breeches but in all I'm quite satisfied with how everything is progressing for the moment.



Rudi Richardson said...

Nice work, Calvin! When are we going to see some sculpts available from you commercially? :-)

Which Alpine figure is the grenade from? Off the top of my head I don't recall...


Andreas said...

wow! excellent!

Ive made sculpting to my main hobby;)
Sculpting is great!

Any particular reason why youre sculpting in 54mm instead of 1/35?


Orb said...

Hi Calvin.....

Looking the grey putty the Sculpey like material?

and if it is, at what point will you blast it with your heat gun?

CALVIN TAN said...

Thanks guys for the kind feedback.

sorry to disappoint but I doubt that I'll be making any commercial sculpts anytime soon.

The grenade given to me by Taesung from his inventory of spare parts for his masters and that's probably why you can't register which figure it's from.


I just needed a slightly larger canvas to paint the camo smock.


yup, right on the money. It's oven baked clay and I'll blast the heat gun once all the final details are on.

Rudi Richardson said...

Hi Calvin,

That's a pity :( Thanks for clarifying the grenade question :)

"I just needed a slightly larger canvas to paint the camo smock."

Is the size difference in the smock noticable between 1/35 (+-50mm) and 54mm (+-1/32)?


Chris Mrosko said...

Will this figure become commercially available?
If not it should.
Chris Mrosko

Yoo, Jae Kwon said...

Its a nice wrk and so interesting!
Very helpful for my work too.

Pekka said...

Great figure and I´m happy to see that I´m not the only one baking figures. :)
Pekka N.