Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Young Miniatures - British Paratrooper, Northwest Europe, 1944

Here's a belated update showing the close-up on painting of the details and accessories like the Bren gun ammo pouch, zipper and buckles. Additional highlighting was done on the smock and webbing with chafe effects given to the helmet strap.




Richard Knorrek said...

Hi Calvin!

I really like the artistic direction in which your painting style has evolved in recent times! The results are beyond great!

Can you recommend any reading material on the colour theory and artistic techniques behind your work? (apart from your splendid blog, of course ;) )

Also, do you happen to know if I can use the paint retarder produced by Vallejo in the same manner as the brand you use? Amsterdam, wasnt it? What is the mixing ration between water and retarder you use?


Calvin Tan said...

Hi Richard,

I'm not familiar with the paint retarder medium from Vallejo as I've yet to use it. Nonetheless, I'm have much success with the one from Talens.
The mixing ratio is 50/50 - retarder to water.