Monday, 14 May 2012

Alpine Miniatures - DAK Grenadier, Tunisia, 1943

Details and more refinements added over the week.

A close-up shot of trousers and the 2nd pattern tropical boots. The laces were undercoated with a mix of Storm Blue and Carbon Black before painting over with a mix "pinkish" hue mixed from Naples Yellow and Earth Brown.

The back of the figure is decked out in full kit comprising two tropical model canteens in felt covers, the K98 grenade launcher kit pouch, mess tin, Zeltbahn and entrenching tool with bayonet.

All separate components (with the exception of the Zeltbahn which is molded in with the torso) are attached via magnetic interfaces to provide ease in painting.

That's all for now.




modelcrazyer said...

Can you describe more detail about the color you use in the uniform and trousers?

Belgium Diorama World said...

beautiful painting, my compliments for this ...