Saturday, 26 May 2012

Alpine Miniatures - DAK Grenadier, Tunisia, 1943


After much anticipation, here's a preview of the completed paint work for Alpine Miniature's upcoming release. This is probably in my opinion one of Taesung's most elaborate 1/16 scale sculpt - comprising of many fine intricate details reflected by the lace work on tropical boots and subtle creases on the tunic, trousers and even the hands. With the full marching kit, this figure will prove to be a rewarding project with the variety of challenges it offers.




Unknown said...

Congratulations on completion!! What a beautiful rendering...amazing.

Ernesto Reyes S. said...

Very cool Calvin, looks fantastic, hope to paint WWII figure like you some day.
Best regards

Dennis said...

Another beauty Calvin.Thanks for making them available.

Richard Knorrek said...

Hi Calvin!

Great work, as always!
I jsut got some figures that I thought you might like, since you mentioned that you liked the slight caricaturistic face of your most recent Young bust.
Check these fellas out:

They are designed by Akira Toriyama, the artist behind Dragon Ball, who also drew the awesome assembly instruction sheets for all 7 figures.
I picked mine up from the post office today an boy, are they cool! Very nice faces, very good clothing detail, very nice detail all around! I found'em for like 20 bucks a piece on ebay.

Maybe they're something you might like to try out if you ever needed a change of subject without straying too far from your usual domain expertise :)


Calvin Tan said...

Hi Folks,

thanks for all the encouraging words. I do hope to see some of your renditions of this piece in the near future.


Calvin Tan said...

Hi Richard,

thanks for the reminder. I do have caricatured figures from Fine Molds stash in my boxes waiting for a splash of paint. The problem is always finding the time and effort. I painted the SS figure with the ZB26 back in 1996 in oils and enamels (a la Bill Horan) and loved that experience. I'll see if I could post some pictures of that figure when time permits.