Friday, 11 January 2019

Young Miniatures - Alter Hase

What better way to kick off 2019 by sharing a recently completed box art assignment from Young Miniatures of an "Alter Hase" or "Old Hare". It has been a fun assignment to be able to go a little adventurous particularly with the painting of an ugly Nordic pattern scarf as well as a gaudy floral gift box. I guess I would not have done so if not for the candlestick in the grenade bag; speaking of which marks my first time using the Non-Metal Metallic (NMM) rendering technique on a larger sized object. I am satisfied on how it shows up but I do reckon more practice is needed to perfect it. It is always fun and refreshing to always try out new things. In all the sculpt is quite clean with lots of possibilities to exercise the skills and imagination of the painter - especially on the camouflage smock and scarf.

Finally a special thanks to Young-Bok for giving me the privilege of painting this fine sculpt.



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Basil said...

Lovely work! Keep 'em coming!